Predictions Sure to Go Wrong MLB 14


The baseball season has once again started and as I watch the Cardinals and Reds playing game one of 162, I thought why not join several others in making predictions that will most assuredly be wrong by the time the World Series is won in October.

The most important thing to think of while reading is this. Baseball is a marathon not a sprint, I’m 99% sure by the All-Star break most of these will be wrong or way off, but that is part of the fun of the game.

National League

East – Washington

Last year the Braves were in position to regain their dominance of the division however a winter and spring that saw four of their starters sidelined injuries has left them a shadow of themselves. The Mets and Marlins are not going to challenge and the Phillies will need to rebuild for a while to get back into contention.  This year the Nationals will be representing the division in the playoffs. The only question is will they shut down their ace again or actually have him pitch in the playoffs.

Central – St. Louis

Yes I’m biased, but seriously the Cardinals added shortstop Jhonny Peralta, have Matt Carpenter playing his natural position at third, Kolten Wong gives them speed and skill at second.  The only downside to the Cardinals is their pitching staff’s age.  This is not the veteran heavy staff of years past but it is young and hungry.  The Cubs are a year or two away from being a contender, hopefully management there sticks to the plan and doesn’t trade away all their prospects. The Brewers are a mess, the Reds are riddled by injuries already and the Pirates are the only team that may challenge.

West – San Francisco

Clayton Kershaw’s back will be one of the many things that causes the Dodgers to not repeat, but probably the biggest issue will be Puig.  He will probably end up in Triple-A or the DL before the All star break.  The Giants are just good enough to stick around and pass the Dodgers in August and September to win the Division.  Arizona has depth so I wouldn’t count them out either, but look for them to be more of a wild card contender than division leader.  Colorado and San Diego will round out the bottom of the division.

Wildcards – Arizona, Pittsburgh

The Dodgers may be in contention here, but expect these two to be fighting it out for that last slot.


American League

East – Boston

They are a good team, one year older but a tough team to beat.  The Yankees are a mess, most of their year will focus on Jeter’s last year in the sun. The Orioles are going to be a tough out as well as Tampa Bay. The fact the Rays resigned Price will let them challenge the entire season.  The Blue Jays if they were in the central would be fighting for first sadly in this stacked division they will be fighting for fourth.

Central – Kansas City

Yes I said the Royals, Detroit spent too much money on the wrong people. Sorry I like Cabrera but the last two years of being injury prone leads me to believe his best years are behind him.  Chicago, Minnesota and Cleveland will be hovering around the 60 win mark for most of the year.

West – Oakland

This division is actually pretty easy.  The Angels are old, over spent and under achieving, Texas has potential but I don’t see them overcoming the A’s. Houston is in the same boat the Cubs are in, too young and needing experience, one maybe two years and they will be contending. Then there is Seattle which needed to sign an entire team but spent 200+ million on one player who doesn’t fix one of their many holes.

Wildcard – Texas and Baltimore

Detroit will be hanging around there most of the year but fall short.

National League Champion – St Louis

American League Champion – Oakland

Cardinals win the series (I hope)

Play Ball!


Biggest Backstabs from WWE Countdown


So once again the WWE has me watching Countdown on the network and I wonder if they want me to sleep or have a life outside of it…

This week it is the Top Ten Unbelievable Backstabs… Qualifier would probably be that shocked you the most it happened.

10: One Dollar Canadian – Premise who could nail their girl first, Y2J with Trish or Christian with Lyta, the bet was for One Canadian Dollar… Insert her finding out about it, Jericho falling for her leading up to Trish screws over Jericho at Wrestlemania by helping Christian win. This lead to Trish being a darker character and reminds us don’t piss a woman off.

9: Owen turns on Bret at the Royal Rumble. Selfish big brother not sharing the spotlight with whiny baby brother… can’t blame him really.

8: Andre the Giant turns on Hogan: What this teaches us is do not give a giant a smaller trophy than yours when your accomplishment isn’t a fifth as great as his…

7: Sgt Slaughter turns his back on US and joins Iraq, during the Gulf War: He got death threats for this. What I didn’t know, the boots he wore during this time were sent to him from Saddam Hussein.

6: Randy Orton wins the title and is promptly given the thumbs down by the rest of Evolution. Really? This belongs in the top ten?

5: Paul Bearer turns on the Undertaker at Summerslam after the Boiler Room Brawl, by hitting the Undertaker with the Urn and then giving it to Mankind.

4: Matt Hardy turns on Jeff… the best part of this segment is Lyta talking about both of them without cackling…

3: Hogan turns on the universe and joins the NWO… this should be #2.

2: The Montreal Screw Job… Vince backstabbing Bret… this is by far #1.

1: HBK super kicks Marty Janetty, then throws him through the Barber Shop window… should be #3 at best.

WWE Countdown – Fantastic Finishing Moves


The WWE is showing every single week why the network will ruin marriages, friendships and lives.

This week the “universe” voted for the top ten finishing moves…
Most Devastating is the qualifier for this list.

Honorable mentions: The High fliers. Eddie Guerrero, Jimmy Snuka, Jeff Hardy, Evan Bourne

10: Jake the Snake Roberts – DDT
No one did or does it better.

9: The Dudley Boys – 3D
Perfect timing and devastation.

8: Triple H – Pedigree
Did not know he actually created this move…

7: Bret Hart – Sharpshooter
Was interesting to hear Bret talk about the differences between his move and Stings.

6: Brock Lesnar – F5
Still blows my mind he did that to Big Show.

5: Randy Orton – RKO
I still think him hitting Evan Bourne coming off a shooting star press was one of the most impressive thing I’d ever seen.

4: Shawn Michaels – Sweet Chin Music
Sudden impact, great build up or out of no where.

3: Edge, Goldberg, Rhyno – SPEAR!
Edge wins, due spearing Foley into a burning table and spearing Jeff Hardy from 20′ up.

2: Undertaker & Kane – Tombstone Piledriver
Kane smiling as he describes this maneuver just really creeped me out. Though he did say something that makes a lot of sense, the difference between the two of them is Taker has better technique vs his more brute strength.

1: Stone Cold Steve Austin – Stone Cold Stunner
Anytime, anywhere, anyone can take it.

So did they get it right or not? I have to say they did good this time as I really can’t think of one they really botched on or missed.

What do you think?

Writer’s Questions

Interesting thoughts and something I will be answering for myself later.

Alphabet Games

I always like a challenge and greatly enjoyed following Elis Michelle’s advice and like her also considered my own thoughts on writing and the English language:

1- What is your favourite word in the English language?

At the risk of breaking the first rule of writing and sounding cliché, my favourite word would be ‘home‘ simply due to the images it conjures when it is spoken (or thought of). 

2- Do you prefer writing poems or stories?

I prefer stories, although occasionally dip into poetry.  Stories give you the ability to develop the plot and the idea further while for me poetry is reserved for personal reflections and emotions.

3- Where do you get your inspiration?

Mostly from what I see and hear around me and from my own experiences. I have also listened to classical music for inspiration, a practice I learnt at secondary school.

4- What is…

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